I am Brianna Claxton, the chef and creative force behind PLVNTFOOD.  Since I was young I gravitated to art.  What other way do we, as humans, cross so many boundaries to connect with others and to nurture emotionally and compassionately than through art?  Here at PLVNTFOOD I understand that food is art and while vegan food has, in some circles inherited the reputation of being “boring rabbit food”, I am certain I can change that perception and in fact blow your mind with what I can do.  My mission is to heal,  inspire, tease, delight and encourage both the exploration of possibly new cuisines as well as show that what you eat can be your medicine, mind body and soul.

My personal journey started when I was young, learning from my Italian grandmother & the recipes she maintained that had been passed down to her.  As I grew so did my love of art, music, and food.  With a love of food sometimes comes an increase in weight, so when I moved to California later in life I decided to get my health dialed in and began exploring gluten free cooking & veganism.  As a true sensualist and artist at heart I experimented and read a lot.  As an autodidactic chef, I was my own test subject.  I lost over 100 pounds and have kept that weight off now with the help of healthy exercise and delicious plant based foods.  I also began incorporating extra additives such as CBD to treat anxiety and even to support the health of those I have been lucky enough to cook for.

I want you to see how beautiful the array of color and texture is in a properly curated plant based meal.  I want you to smell the spices and herbs, I want you to taste the complexity of what truly healthy, artistically driven and mindful plant based creations can be like.  I want you to feel better!  Doctors everywhere agree that a diet higher in plant based foods help reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes.  And lastly, I personally want to hear those blissful sighs as you savor the last bite.  What can I say?  It is my pleasure to feed you.  Welcome to PLVNTFOOD.


PLVNTFOOD’s debut cookbook is out now!

Click here to purchase. You can find ‘Vegan Pasta Night’ anywhere books are sold.