Spiced Burritos with Jalapeno Crema

Yesterday I did a live instagram takeover with Alpha Foods & the recipe was such a success I decided to post the recipe here for y'all incase you missed it! It's something great for the current time during quarantine because it's elevating a frozen food item & pantry staples to make something absolutely delicious. We [...]

Tri-Colored Burrito Enchiladas

I know with the quarantine going on, a lot of y'all are having a hard time finding lots of fresh produce or ingredients, but have a lot of pantry staples and frozen items on hand. Luckily, this dish uses mainly all canned goods & frozen products- besides the garnish! It's super easy to make, like [...]

“Wet” Burrito with Yellow Mexican Rice & Corn Succotash

Happy National Frozen Food Day! What better way to celebrate than to show you how to jazz up a frozen vegan burrito into one extremely delicious meal that nobody will ever guess has a frozen food component. Dress that frozen burrito up with some enchilada sauce & cilantro crema, and serve with yellow Mexican rice [...]