HAPPY NATIONAL PICKLE DAYYYYYYY! I post a lot of pickle related recipes on here, but I wanted to share something a little more “unique” for today… and honestly you can thank my boyfriend for this one, haha. While I was shooting some recipes for Grillo’s Pickles a while back, Zach had the great idea of making a “Pickle-Back Cocktail” using some leftover brine from the dill pickle slices & other ingredients lying around the house, and let me tell ya he did not disappoint.

The pickle brine / pickle slices used for garnish are none other than the infamous Grillo’s. I mean, what other pickles would I use to be honest? They’re the CRUNCHIEST, CRISPIEST, JUICIEST, TANGIEST, AND FUCKING BEST pickles money can buy. Trust me.

If you make cocktails frequently, or have a bar cart… you honestly should have everything needed already, except maybe the pickles & fresh dill! But regardless, you can make this with very few ingredients. In a pint glass or shaker, add your whiskey or bourbon, dill pickle brine, lime juice, & simple syrup with some ice. Shake it around / stir it around until its really well combined and slightly chilled. Strain it over some fresh ice in a cocktail glass, and add some fresh dill & pickle slices for garnish.

This is a really short post… but yep. That’s it, haha. Super simple, and super fucking delicious. Also PLEASE MAKE THIS WITH GRILLOS DAMNIT. They’re sold all over the place now and like really you’ll regret not using them. As always, if you make this, make sure to tag me @plvntfood / #plvntfood and tag @grillospickles as well, so we can all see it! Love y’all with my cold little heart.

Pickle-Back Cocktail


  • 5 fluid ounces Whiskey or Bourbon
  • 3 fluid ounces dill pickle brine GRILLOS DUH
  • 1 1/2 fluid ounces fresh lime juice
  • 1 fluid ounce simple syrup *equal parts water & sugar cooked until dissolved, then cooled
  • Pickle slices & fresh dill for garnish


  1. Stir the whiskey / bourbon, pickle brine, lime juice, and simple syrup in a pint glass until well combined.

  2. Fill 2 cocktail glasses with ice.

  3. Pour the cocktail into prepared glasses.

  4. Garnish with dill pickle slices and / or fresh dill if desired.

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