I don’t know about you, but dates are one of my favorite things to snack on.  They’re like an all natural caramel candy & are so delicious.  Sometimes I get bored eating dates by themselves, so I like to try out random combinations of things with them… and when I created these a few weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised at how addicting this combination truly is.  The sweet dates with the crunch from the raw almonds, nuttiness from the tahini, & bite from the ground anise really make for the most delicious snack.  These couldn’t be easier to make, and with only 4 ingredients, you can’t go wrong!  Let’s just get right into the recipe!


First you’ll need to pit the dates.  This is pretty easy to do, just slice a small incision down the center of the date (without cutting all the way through), and remove the pit!  Once you have the pit out, replace the pit with 1 whole raw unsalted almond, and place the date on a plate or board.  You want to make sure to not slice the date all the way in half because then it’ll fall apart and not hold all the filling nicely.

Once you have all of your dates filled with almonds, drizzle them with tahini generously, and sprinkle over your ground anise.  You can additionally top with a small amount of flaky salt if you’d like, but I prefer them unsalted.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with anise, it tastes similar to fennel or black licorice & has a nice bite to it.  If you’re not an anise fan, feel free to leave it off & stick with the tahini & almonds only!

Like I said, this recipe really couldn’t be easier, & I really hope you all enjoy these as much as I do!


Tahini Stuffed Dates

These sweet medjool dates are stuffed with raw almonds & drizzled with tahini & ground anise.  They're the perfect treat to satisfy your sweet tooth, without all the refined sugar.  

Prep Time 20 minutes
Servings 8
Author Chef Brianna Gallo


  • 15-20 medjool dates pitted, but not sliced all the way through
  • 1/8 cup tahini
  • 2 tbsp ground anise
  • 15-20 raw unsalted whole almonds


  1. Slice a small slit in the top of your date to remove the pit.  You don't want to slice the date all the way through.  Replace the pit in the date with 1 whole almond. 

  2. Drizzle the finished dates with tahini and ground anise to your liking & enjoy! 

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