With Valentines Day quickly approaching, I thought I’d share a few recipes with you guys that will be sure to impress the one you love.  This is the first of two Valentines recipes I have coming out for you guys, and both of them are things you can easily cook alone to surprise that special someone, or can be made together.  The second recipe is an entree versus a dessert, farro risotto with san marzano tomato confit & cashew cream- so keep an eye out for that in the next few days as well!

Who doesn’t love chocolate covered strawberries on Valentines day though?  They’re so decadent and delicious, and really help set the mood.  They may seem intimidating to make at home because they’re usually pretty pricy if you buy them at a bakery, but they are actually super easy to do!  Plus you can make a whole bunch of them easily, and since I’m using dark chocolate for these I don’t feel guilty eating a whole bunch of them.


So for the actual chocolate, you’ll need dark chocolate chips (you can also use a dark chocolate bar if you’d like), coconut oil, and vanilla extract.  The coconut oil is really going to help give that shine and help the chocolate become looser instead of getting too thick, and the vanilla really helps bring out some of the sweetness in the dark chocolate without adding any sugar.


To cook the chocolate, you’ll need to set up a double boiler.  You can buy all kinds of fancy pots for this, but really if you have a deep pot and a glass bowl, you’ll be good to go.  Place some water in the pot and bring to a low boil, and then place your glass bowl on top.  You want the bowl to touch the sides of the pot so that it doesn’t actually touch the water, and so that the bowl doesn’t move while you’re mixing the chocolate. Once your bowl has slightly heated, add in your chocolate, coconut oil, and vanilla.  Whisk every few minutes until the chocolate is completely melted.  You want it to be thick but to ribbon off the whisk.  You can keep your chocolate over the double boiler until you’re ready to use it, but make sure you turn the heat off and still whisk occasionally to prevent burning / sticking.


Pretty much the only other ingredient you need besides the chocolate, is strawberries.  This recipe honestly is something you can achieve on a budget,  It cost me less than $10 to make all of these strawberries.  I usually always have coconut oil and vanilla in my house, so I really only needed to buy a bag of dark chocolate chips (you could use a dark chocolate bar though), and some strawberries.  Make sure you clean and rinse the strawberries, and discard of any bruised ones.  You’ll also need to completely dry all the berries off before dipping in the chocolate, if they’re wet, the chocolate won’t stick!

Also sometimes when you make chocolate covered strawberries, you have to deal with a very unamused pup who is not thrilled she won’t be having any of them.

Dipping the strawberries is easy.  Remove your bowl of chocolate from the double boiler, dip your strawberry in and coat it pretty high up, and then place it onto some parchment paper on a baking tray.  Super simple.  Just make sure you’re gentle with them so that you don’t accidentally rip the green bits off the berry.  Make sure to also let the excess chocolate drip off the berries before transferring them to the baking tray, they’ll become a huge mess otherwise!

Once you transfer your berries to the baking sheet lined with parchment, you have a few options.  You can decorate them with sprinkles, leave them plain, or decorate them with more detail using some icing & a fine tip fitted piping bag.  I chose to do some with sprinkles and some plain guys this time around.  If you’re using sprinkles, you’ll need to do each berry individually, right after you place it onto the tray.  This makes sure that the sprinkles actually stick to the chocolate.  If you try to put them on the berries after you get all of them on the tray, the sprinkles won’t stick because the chocolate will have already started to harden.


Once you have them all ready to go, place them in the fridge for at least an hour before serving.  This will make sure that the chocolate completely hardens & sets up.  You’ll also wanna make sure to keep them in the fridge at all times, unless you’re actively going to be eating them because the chocolate does melt after a while.

And that’s it!  I told you this recipe was super simple.  Plus- who honestly doesn’t love chocolate covered strawberries, and who wouldn’t be super excited to eat these on Valentines Day?!  I really hope you guys enjoyed this recipe, and that you all have an awesome V Day!


  • 2 cups dark chocolate chips (or 2 dark chocolate bars)
  • 2 tbs coconut oil
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 2 boxes of fresh strawberries
  • sprinkles (optional)


  1. Heat up a double boiler, and add your chocolate, coconut oil, and vanilla extract.  Whisk occasionally until completely melted.
  2. Wash and clean your strawberries.  Dry them off with a paper towel, and make sure to discard of any bruised berries.
  3. Line a baking tray with parchment paper.
  4. Dip your berries into the chocolate until they’re pretty high up, and then lay on the parchment paper.  If you want to add sprinkles, add them after you set down each individual berry while the chocolate is still melted and not hard.
  5. Place the berries in the fridge for about an hour at least.  Keep refrigerated at all times unless they’re being eaten.

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