Do you guys remember Orange Julius?  Growing up they had one in my local mall & I remember being obsessed with them as a kid.  That yummy shake & fresh flavors of orange and vanilla have always been one of my favorite things.  I wanted to recreate something for a while, but also something on the more health conscious side of things too.  Orange Julius was essentially a non vegan vanilla milkshake that had orange juice blended in.  Not the healthiest thing, and definitely not something you could have everyday.  This recipe is great because it only has four ingredients in it, that are all whole really good ingredients, and none of them are dairy based!  I love drinking these when I first wake up because they give you a good energy boost from the dates and are really refreshing & light.  This is a super quick recipe though, so let’s just get into it!

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So as far as ingredients go, you’ll need oranges, frozen pineapple, vanilla extract, pitted dates, and ice.  Pretty easy stuff, and honestly I always have these things lying around my house!

Also, I know dates are hard to find for some people, so you can use date paste, or coconut nectar as a sweetener instead if you’re able to find that.  If you’re going to sub out for one of those things, do 1 tbs for every date you would be replacing, so for this recipe you’d need 3 tbs of liquid sweetener.  You could also use maple syrup, but please don’t use agave!

For the oranges, you’ll want to remove the skin, so how I do that quickly is cut off the top and bottom of the orange, then use your knife and run it down the sides to take the skin off.  Throw all of your ingredients into the blender, and blend on high for about a minute until well combined!  It’s super super simple.  I drink one of these almost every morning to wake me up and it’s like drinking the biggest & best glass of orange juice.



  • 3 navel oranges, skin removed
  • 1/2 cup frozen pineapple
  • 1/2 cup ice
  • 1 1/2 tbs vanilla extract
  • 3 dates, pitted


  1. Remove the skin from your oranges & pit your dates.
  2. Add all ingredients into a blender, and blend until smooth.

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